Cubeo AI Monthly Update: GPT-4o, Web Scraper, Linkedin AI Agent

Linkedin AI Agent, Sales Personalized messages

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May has been an exciting month for Cubeo AI, and we have some fantastic updates to share with you. Let’s dive in!

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🚀 The Launch

We launched Cubeo AI on May 7th on Product Hunt and ranked as the number 2 product of the day with 370 upvotes and 70 comments, thanks to supporters like you.

Alongside this launch, we unveiled our platform and all its features to the public for the first time and welcomed nearly 400 new users in just a few days.

🌟 New Features and Tools

GPT-4o Model

We’ve introduced GPT-4o to our platform, offering better performance and cost-effectiveness.

Along with models like GPT-4 and various Anthropic Claude variants, Cubeo AI now provides a broader range of Large Language Models (LLMs) to meet diverse AI needs.

Why access to diverse LLMs matters:

  • Flexibility: Different tasks require different capabilities. With a variety of models, you can always find the right tool for the job.
  • Specialization: Each model excels in specific areas—language, code, multimedia understanding—enabling tailored solutions for your exact requirements.
  • Innovation: Experimenting with multiple models helps push the boundaries of AI, fostering innovation and continuous improvement.

Web Scraper Tool

Whether you need to summarize a web page, create content or personalized offer, our Web Scraper tool can gather data from multiple sources without having to visit each manually. 

You can simply add the Web Scraper tool in the settings of your AI Assistant and empower it with real-time data in seconds!

Here are some top use-cases if used with an AI Agent:

  • Personalized Product Offers: Provide an AI Agent with an URL and client details to generate a personalized offer.
  • Competitive Analysis: Gather data from competitor websites to highlight your product’s strengths and weaknesses and create tailored sales pitches.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Collect product reviews, social media comments, or customer feedback.
  • Content Creation: Gather information from multiple sources and generate summaries or create original content.
  • SEO Analysis: It can perform SEO analysis by scraping and analyzing URLs.

LinkedIn DM Generator AI Agent

We’ve also launched a pre-built AI Agent that creates personalized LinkedIn messages from just a URL. Simply provide the profile link, and the AI Agent will use the data to identify pain points and craft tailored messages for increasing you the chance for a response.

🔜 Coming Soon

  • Prompt Library: A collection of prompts to help you build  customized AI Agents for various use-cases.
  • AI Prompt Generator: An AI Assistant to help you generate custom prompts.
  • AI Agent Generator: A pre-built AI Agent to assist you in building custom AI Agents by automatically configuring and assigning relevant tools for your needs and use-cases.
  • More Updates: Stay tuned for additional LLM models and pre-built Agents coming to our platform soon.

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