Cubeo AI
listens to observes understands responds to
your clients needs

Boost efficiency, cut costs, enhance user engagement, and transform visits into sales through the power of a custom AI Assistant

How an AI Assistant
Helps Your Business

Increase Sales

Promote products directly on your website and help customers find the right product for them by providing instant 24/7 support.

Turn Visits into Customers

An AI Assistant can increase your conversion rate up to 53% through personalized interactions, instant support, targeted upselling and sales funnels directly into your website.

Save Time and Money

An AI Assistant can resolve up to 80% of your customers' inquiries, saving you resources in customer interaction.

Cubeo Chatbot Lead Magnet

Attract the perfect Leads for your business

Elevate your lead generation to new heights with our experience in building custom AI Assistants. Tailored to identify and attract your ideal customer profile, our technology works tirelessly to engage and qualify leads, ensuring that your business connects with the most promising prospects 24/7.

How do we start?

Rest easy, we'll take care of everything.

Step 1

The journey begins with a conversation 😊

We will discuss the current needs of your business, objectives, and also establish together how Cubeo AI can help you achieve them.

We understand how valuable your time is, so we will be as efficient as possible in this discussion and aim to fit within 30 minutes 🙂.

Step 2

We create the conversation design and validate it

We will craft a bespoke conversation design and present a strategic AI Assistant implementation plan for your approval.

This crucial step defines the assistant’s dialogue, user interaction flow, and proactive actions, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience that drives results and enhances customer engagement.

Step 3

We develop the AI Assistant

Following the conversation setup, it’s time to initiate development!

Our experts in software development and Artificial Intelligence will construct and train the AI Assistant to understand and respond to users as determined in Step 2, ensuring a smart, responsive, and effective tool to engage and satisfy your customers.

Step 4

We test the AI Assistant together

To ensure unparalleled quality for your AI Assistant, our dedicated testing team will conduct a thorough review, meticulously testing all conversational scenarios to guarantee a seamless and efficient user experience.

Step 5

We launch the AI Assistant

Launch Day: Unleashing Potential! Experience the thrill of innovation as we deploy your custom AI Assistant, ready to engage and convert with precision and flair.

Step 6

We monitor and measure performance

We diligently monitor the AI Assistant’s interactions, analyzing its performance with users to continually refine and enhance its efficiency. Through comprehensive reporting, we identify and optimize conversational flows, ensuring your AI Assistants evolves into an even more powerful tool for your business.

Step 7

We continuously improve it

Utilizing data from ongoing interactions, we strategically refine the AI Assistant, ensuring it not only keeps pace with your business growth but also anticipates and adapts to user needs, driving enhanced satisfaction and superior engagement.