How a chatbot can help your business

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Many online business owners wonder:

  • Why should I use a chatbot?
  • How can it help my business grow?
  • What is the role of a chatbot?

In this article, I would like to provide a more detailed explanation of how and why it is essential to leverage Artificial Intelligence to enhance your business growth.

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What is a chatbot?

First and foremost, I’d like to provide a brief explanation of what a chatbot is.

A chatbot is a virtual assistant capable of engaging in conversations with users and, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, can understand what users write or speak, guiding a conversation based on the received responses.

In addition to traditional question-answer conversations, it can simplify user interactions with a website by offering response options or assisting them in placing orders directly through social media channels.

If you want to learn more about what a chatbot is, I invite you to read the article What is a chatbot and why are they increasingly popular?

Chatbot applications have brought so many benefits to businesses that they are increasingly relying on them.

If you also want to harness the power of a chatbot, you can start using one now, regardless of the size of your business.

Let’s see how and why you should use a chatbot.

Boost your sales

Have you ever wondered about the impact of long response times on customer support?

Well, LivePerson conducted a study in which 71% of visitors expect to receive a response within 5 minutes of asking a question, while 31% expect an immediate response.

If they don’t get a response within the agreed-upon time frame, 48% say they will go elsewhere or give up on the purchase entirely.

A chatbot can be available 24/7 on your website or social media channels, instantly answering your customers’ questions, providing details about your products or services, and turning that visit into a customer.

Think of it like going to an offline store that sells IT products and equipment, where you want to buy a laptop but don’t have the technical knowledge to make the best choice for your needs and how you plan to use it.

You can either choose a laptop based solely on your budget, or you can choose to ask a consultant in the store (if they offer this service) to help you make the best decision.

If you had to choose between a store that offers the option to seek advice and one that doesn’t, which store would you choose?

I’m pretty sure you would choose the store that provides a shopping assistant when you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for but know you need a product 😄

You’ve probably guessed it. A chatbot can be your customers’ virtual shopping assistant, available around the clock. It can not only guide potential customers to the product they need but also offer discounts or promotional codes to turn visitors into customers as quickly as possible.

It’s incredible, isn’t it? 😍

Save time and money 💰

You probably face the issue of repetitive questions about your products or services from customers. When the same question is asked by a large number of customers, it can be frustrating for both you and your employees.

Users repeatedly ask similar questions, and imagine if this time could be used for other purposes that contribute to your company’s goals?

You would save both time and money.

A chatbot can automatically answer these repetitive questions, saving your employees’ time and also conserving the money and resources you use to address these requests.

Furthermore, while an employee can handle 3-4 simple conversations simultaneously, a chatbot can handle all customer conversations in parallel, providing everyone with a 24×7 response time. As a result, your employees will have more time to focus on other tasks, and you will ultimately save money allocated for customer support.

Improve user experience

A study provided by Gartner shows that customer support is the most significant factor for a business’s success.

A chatbot enhances the user experience by being available 24×7, providing instant responses to their queries, and reducing the time they spend typing questions.

A chatbot can be just as friendly as a person, and that’s why in a study, 32% of customers say that the biggest benefits of a chatbot are their friendliness and accessibility.

It can also reduce human errors if implemented and monitored correctly, as there is no room for human error when a conversation is led by a bot.

Do you want to strengthen your brand in front of your audience and offer users a unique experience?

Start by using a chatbot now!

Generate quality leads

A chatbot can help you better understand your audience. It can ask questions, conduct market research, and surveys whenever a user interacts with it.

As a result, you can gather more information about your users than just a simple email contact, helping you place them into different segments that you can later use in marketing strategies.

Furthermore, the open rate of instant messages using a chatbot can reach up to 60% because personalized messages can be sent, tailored to each user.

Available on all communication channels

One of the significant benefits of a chatbot is its ability to integrate with all communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Telegram, Twitter, etc.) to provide the same customer experience and respond instantly to their needs on their preferred channels.

Moreover, you can bring customers from social media platforms directly to your website, thereby generating high-quality leads and driving direct sales from your customers’ preferred channels.

Increase brand trust

A chatbot can enhance the credibility and trust in your brand.

The chatbot is typically the first interaction a visitor has with your brand, making it a crucial opportunity to educate and inform potential buyers about how your products or services can assist them.

Because chatbots provide a personalized experience to your visitors, they help build a strong connection between potential buyers and your brand.

In this article, I’ve highlighted just a few of the benefits of a chatbot and how it can boost your business.

It’s clear that such a small robot on the surface but so complex behind the scenes will change the way customers communicate with businesses, how businesses differentiate themselves from one another, and how companies can learn more about their customers by converting more visits into customers through the use of artificial intelligence.

The possibilities of a chatbot are limitless!

Imagination and creativity can be perfectly combined in developing a chatbot that is specific to your business and brand, enabling you to put your business strategies on autopilot!

It's time to boost your business with a chatbot!

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